TV programs and documentaries produced by CPS
Chamber Trailer
I told Mubarak
Quest for the Brotherhood
Shadow of
San Anton
Out of Gaza
CPS on Jazeera
A Look Back
Skin Heads
Home Works III


TV-TV Trailer
Immigrant Image Archive
Medborger i DK
100% Punjabi
Mike's Place
Shula Lipski
the South
Alfredo Neri
The Man
with the Devil
Broadcast Aesthetics

The documentary film collection constituting the DOCULOGIA archive is the result of several years of video activism and archivism carried out by producers related to the cultural collective, Chamber of Public Secrets.

DOCULOGIA forms a visual review of social and political encounters. It is an audiovisual information platform where video activism meets realism and journalism.

DOCULOGIA is also an archive intended to document different aspects of our reality without adding hidden modifications or heavily editorializing the content of the footage presented.


DOCULOGIA examines the role of contemporary media and its consequences in society, analyzes how culture and politics interact, and records the unknown and the neglected stories.

DOCULOGIA arranges public film events and talks to address past and present approaches to documentary making, and to explore how political, cultural and scientific systems change the ways we think about the world around us.