Chamber of Public Secrets


Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS) is a network of artists, curators and writers providing a platform for the kind of artistic expression that goes beyond what is recognized on the global art scene.

As a consequence of political developments around the world and the withdrawal of a silent intellectual majority from the social spectrum into the narrow passages of academia, socially and politically motivated art has become the driving force behind CPS’ collective practices.

CPS regards art as an agent of empowerment and involves viewers from all different backgrounds and communities. It works on the history of visual aesthetics, art and culture with diverse interests in the fields of social history, scientific research and critical theory. It engages with the public space and the way people use it; questions institutional thinking, thought control and authority-inflicted fear, and modes of instilling self-censorship in cultural producers, as well as socio-political apathy as a general public phenomenon.

Since 2004 members of the network have conceived and implemented art exhibitions, film festivals, radio and TV programs addressing the position of art and media narratives, and the function and responsibility of both in relation to contemporary society. Members of the network also set up conferences and talks, and publish articles and books on issues like globalization, media representation, and aesthetic journalism.

Chamber of Public Secrets was launched by Khaled Ramadan, Alfredo Cramerotti, Stine Hoxbroe, Iben Bentzen, Jane Jin Kaisen and Ida Grøn.