Chamber of Public Secrets

59th Venice Biennial

Pera + Flora + Fauna engages with the discourse around how indigenousness and nature are affected by mainstream cultural attitudes of industrialised nations.

55th Venice Biennale

Maldives Pavilion | Portable Nation. Disappearance as work in progress – approaches to Ecological Romanticism.

Manifesta 8

Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, is a roving, contemporary art event, showcasing the most innovative work by artists and curators from Europe and beyond.

3rd Guangzhou Triennial

'The Middle East Channel' at 'Farewell to Colonialism' focuses on how the region views and documents itself, primarily at the hands of its own cultural activists and video makers.

Welcome to Chamber of Public Secrets, a network of artists, curators and writers focusing on artistic expressions that go beyond what is recognized on the global art scene. With artistic and theoretical collaboration as one of the core principles, members of the network arrange international art exhibitions, film festivals, radio and TV programs, set up conferences, and publish articles and books. Several are presented on this site.


Members of the Art Consultancy Unit are highly educated and specialized in the fields of arts. They apply a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing new trends and enter into dialogue with artists and art communities...


Chamber of Public Secrets publishes articles and books with a diverse exploration of art intertwined with social history, scientific research, and critical theory that deal with contemporary issues such as...


Chamber of Public Secrets has initiated and curated several alternative film festivals, like those presented on the site.

Immigrant Image Archive

Immigrant Image Archive was established in Copenhagen 2007 as an independent, non-profit art project focusing on the visual aspects of immigration.The archive collects, preserves, and provides photographs, audio...