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Immigrant Image Archive

Immigrant Image Archive was established in Copenhagen 2007 as an independent, non-profit art project focusing on the visual aspects of immigration.

The archive collects, preserves, and provides photographs, audio recordings and video films about immigrants in Scandinavia. The aim is to build a visual documentation centre for the immigration to the region in the period from 1950 and till today.

The archive solely contains images with relation to immigration taken by the immigrants themselves. Hence, visitors to the archive are confronted with the social realities and experiences of the contributors who are conveying their own stories.

The archive functions as an information and research centre and is open to the public. It consists of an electronic image database, which form basis for exhibitions, talks, publications and electronic presentations.

The archive also organizes public lectures and seminars, and provides professional advice through arrangements addressing the relationship between the various immigrant societies and the Nordic society. The purpose of this is to increase the mutual knowledge of the societies and break down social barriers.


Through exhibitions, debates, talks, symposiums, artist presentations, performances, slide shows and film screenings, the archive sheds light on the last 60 years’ immigration to Scandinavia. Simultaneously with this, it passes on knowledge of immigrant societies and enhances the visual dialogue and social interaction between the original population and the immigrant population.

In order to establish new networks and partnerships, the archive arranges exhibitions in educational institutions, cultural institutions, art institutions and museums. The archive also gives advice in relation to book publishing, video production, and printing of post cards and posters with images from the collection. The archive is open for cooperation with individuals and institutions that share the archive’s visions of enhancing the understanding between different societies in Scandinavia.

Video presentation of Immigrant Image Archive

Opening of the exhibition Becoming a Copenhagener at Copenhagen City Museum about immigration from the countryside as well as from abroad and the impact immigrants have had on the capital. Immigrant Image Archive contributed to the exhibition with a lecture and images of Farouk Haffar who we follow in the video.

Filming, concept and copyright belong to Immigrant Image Archive – an art project initiated Chamber of Public Secrets  in 2006.