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Art Consultancy Unit

The Art Consultancy Unit was established in 2011 as an independent forum for art and media. Today, we are a complete advisory team, offering the expertise of professionals that are uniquely qualified to bring academic and curatorial experience as well as an extensive field of knowledge to the management of art projects.

For over two decades, our consultants have served as effective links between contemporary art communities and those seeking to obtain knowledge about the arts. As a mediator between decision-makers, curators, politicians, architects, designers, and artists, the Art Consultancy Unit guided the development of over 100 diverse art programs.


Professional Insight
Our consultants are highly educated and specialized in the fields of arts. They apply a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing new trends and contribute to their crystallization by entering into dialogue with artists and art communities around the globe, contextualize and clarify trends in articles and lectures, and engage art institutions and media in debates about the current state and role of art.

Our expertise and guidance is based on a deep understanding of past and present political, social, economical and cultural developments, and issues of concern to people around the world. As a result of this, Art Consultancy Unit has a strong record of cutting-edge art production supported by effective management that pushes the contemporary art scene forward.


Social Responsibility
Art Consultancy Unit sees art as a tool to reflect and enrich the human society. Therefore, we are devoted to use our skills and resources on projects that benefit the societies in which we live and work in respect of their characteristic values and cultures.


New Approaches
Art Consultancy Unit strives to widen the understanding and function of art by refining concepts, expanding the use of media, engaging new audiences and involve new types of partners. This ensures that every project is unique and relevant to the context it takes place in.


Art Consultancy Unit has a wide art and media related network, which includes some of the best professionals within their fields, around the world. By engaging our consultants, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of a large international community of art producers and managers.


Art Consultancy Unit analyzes the process and outcome of its projects to determine the impact of concepts, contents and communication strategies on the target audience and wider artistic goals.


Capacity Building
Art Consultancy Unit reaches out to discover, engage and develop talents in different art fields, suitable for the projects in question. Thereby, we contribute to strengthening local skills and local art scenes, with a view toward ensuring that the knowledge we provide bring new energy, ideas and a solid base for future developments.


Our consultants collaborate on international projects, but also advice on issues pertaining to their respective fields of specialty. You may therefore write to our common address or contact each consultant individually.