Chamber of Public Secrets

Al-Qadi´s Light

Al-Qadi´s Light is based on an interview with one of the last survivors of the massacre in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Beirut 1982.

The film marks the 20 years memorial of the massacre. It tells the story of the Al-Qadi family which lost 15 family members in the massacre. The Qadis talk and show their grief, living with the memory every single day.

It shows the latest development in the Belgium trial against the Israeli Prime Minister Arial Sharon for his role in the massacre. Umm-Muhammad Al-Qadi was a witness at the Belgium Court House. She tells the story of the unfinished trial and how the lawyers and survivors of the massacre are determined to bring those responsible for the massacre to justice.

Duration 52 min. 2004.
Concept by CPS.