Chamber of Public Secrets

From a Common Word to Committed Partnership

Secret Chamber Press is pleased to announce its first publication:

From a Common Word to Committed Partnership
Danish-Arab Interfaith Dialogue 2012-2016

The book takes stock of the ongoing efforts in European-Middle Eastern interfaith dialogue – both as a practical experience and as an academic reflection. Once a preserve for the few and dedicated, this field has emerged as a venue for discussion of numerous pertinent questions in Middle Eastern and, increasingly, in European societies. The prominence of religious issues in the public debate has made it necessary for people of different religions to connect and face the challenge of a re-emergence of sectarian rhetoric and sentiments. Bringing faith into the discussion has proven fruitful, and sometimes also necessary. The discipline of interfaith reflections will only grow in importance.

Edited by Mads Christoffersen, Stine Høxbroe & Niels Valdemar Vinding
Published by Secret Chamber Press, SCP, Copenhagen, 2018
ISBN 978-87-970144-0-0