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The Story of Indigenousness and the Ownership of History

Yahya Torek

Yahya Torek is a young Semai indigenous activist, born in the year 1994. He hails from Pos Jernang in Sungkai, the southern of Perak. Yahya is passionate in Orang Asli youth empowerment and land rights issue. Yahya Torek is trained and has accumulated practical experience in operating campaigns, mobilizing community, conducting training, bridging and managing networks with various parties through involvement with Peninsular Malaysia Orang Asli Village Network.

Elected to chair the youth section of the Jaringan Kampung Orang Asli Negeri Perak (JAKOANP), he seeks to mobilize and empower more Orang Asli youth towards playing the role of non-state actor in environmental democracy through exploring creative methods and collaborating with more organizations and agencies.