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Archive - August 2013

Documentary in Arab Media

Debate with Giles Trendle, Al Jazeera TV, Mohamad Soueid, Al Arabiya TV, and Yousri Fouda, On TV. Documented by Chamber of Public Secrets at the Film Institute in Copenhagen, November 2010.

Part I

Part II

Airwave Conflict

The controversy of Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazeera, MBC TV, Al-Manar, Al-Hurra and SAWA Radio. This category is a continuation of ‘Broadcast Ethics & Aesthetics‘ as it debates the role and relation between Arab...

Broadcast Ethics & Aesthetics

This category highlights events and statements that question the ethics and aesthetics of Arab and Western media and the way the two portrait each other. The rough-cut footage speaks for itself and although the content...

Dubai Media City

The program portraits the development of the media in Dubai, exemplified by the establishment of Dubai Media City and the photo magazine Soura, established by a group of young professionals, and sheds light on...

Home Works III

I Feel a Great Desire to Meet the Masses Once Again.
Humoristic presentation at Homeworks III Festival in Beirut of the complicated travel of artist Walid Raad.


In the work titled Hysterma, we are told that falafel, which originated in Egypt, is both an iconic Palestinian food and a national dish of Israel. However, by the 70s, Jewish cookbooks stopped citing the falafel’s...

A Look Back

Landing – attacks – premature departure.
The 2006 war in Lebanon

The Man with the Devil

A trip between Malmö and Copenhagen turns into an unexpected meeting with the man with the devil inside.

Comrade Alfredo Neri

Comrade Alfredo Neri is a “performative documentary” on media representation and identity construction through the media. The video is a constructed documentation, with real interviews and footage material, about the...


Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS) started to broadcast on tv-tv / Copenhagen Channel in 2005. During 2005 and 2006 the collective produced more than 30 TV programs. Independent video journalism, semi documentarism, and...


Visual exploration into the Tinderbox by Danish novelist Hans Christian Andersen, accompanied by a variety of linguistic accents and sound tracks.D-Rama-Dan is a socially based linguistic drama negotiating matters like...