Chamber of Public Secrets

Archive - August 2013

Chairs to Share?

On class ideology, power and democracyChairs to Share is a private/public video art project motivated by the Canadian play Ten Chairs Share the Wealth. The play is a participatory performance that dramatizes the growing...

Land Mark

Contribution by Chamber of Public Secrets to Jordan International Art Symposium 2009
Read article in Nafas Art Magazine

Salt & Pepper Sons

Conversation on migration, sub-identity and personal experiences in the Nordic countries with Texan writer Susan Guerra.
Duration 30 min.
Published by CPS 2004.


A site seeing into the inner personal/virtual identity in an interview assembly with one person on several identities with several identities.Video art. Duration 42 min.Produced for Minority Report 2004

Muhammed Ali Knockout Sausage

The story of Muhammed Ali Zahre is a narrative of many like him who left their native countries to the West looking for better prospects. With his pioneer idea, a Halal Sausage Wagon, Mohamed Ali has managed to add a...

100% Punjabi

The youngsters appearing in this footage reflect how they feel making up a particular fragment of the Danish social fabric.Would you believe it if we admitted to you that the footages are only representational and do...


WOULD YOU ACCEPT AS TRUE that adoption is not synonymous with mercy but rather dehumanizing thousands of individuals?WOULD YOU ACCEPT AS TRUE the danification of adopted children is not integration but insistence of...

3rd Guangzhou Triennial

'The Middle East Channel' at 'Farewell to Colonialism' focuses on how the region views and documents itself, primarily at the hands of its own cultural activists and video makers.

Green Talk

The first owner of the shop, Abu Ali Dawass, is today over 75. He still hangs around the Community House nearby and visits his old shop backstage, which he established in Copenhagen at the end of the 60s. The new owner...

Al-Qadi´s Light

Al-Qadi´s Light is based on an interview with one of the last survivors of the massacre in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Beirut 1982.The film marks the 20 years memorial of the massacre. It tells the story of the...