Chamber of Public Secrets

Biennale team

The Maldives Pavilion has the pleasure to announce that the biennale team has been completed and we have found the curator assistants who will work with the members of Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS) and help building the Maldives Pavilion at the Venice Biennale – June 1st to November 24th, 2013.

Within the following weeks our team will define the schedule of events, performances and talks around correlated issues such as climate change, global warming, disappearance, and relocation, approaching them from artistic, curatorial and scientist perspectives. In order to investigate those topics, we will focus our attention to individuals from different fields collecting interviews, reflections and other materials.

All the information related to this ongoing process will be archived on our website and linked to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in order to open up a bilateral way of communication.

Nevertheless, we will keep up to date our calendar with all our activities, movements around the globe and further developments of the project, acquainting our audience via newsletters and social media posts.

Curator team (CPS):
Aida Eltorie
Alfredo Cramerotti
Khaled Ramadan

Deputy curators:
Maren Richter
Camilla Boemio

Assistant curators:
Stine Hoxbroe
Galia Kirilova
Dorian Batycka
Hanna Husberg
Laura McLean
Kalliopi Tsipni-Kolaza
Dana Kopel

Henry Meyric Hughes
Hedwig Fijen