Chamber of Public Secrets


Can Emergencies Be Ranked?

Thierry Geoffrey (aka Colonel), takes on the Maldives as an Emergency case, needing immediate treatment. He seeks to activate the exhibition space as a format for a “Mobile Emergency Room”, transforming “rigid exhibition spaces” into “elastic and generous exhibition spaces.”

“I will act like a space of generosity,
a hunter for climate change Emergency
and an art re-distributor.”

Colonel seeks to offer his exhibition space to artists expressing emergencies and 
 others. What nation is willing to debate its capacity to share some of its territory? And, Can Emergencies Be Ranked? Thierry Geoffrey will do what’s similar to a “fire exercise” – a pre-test of hospitality between national pavilions getting and giving spaces for emergencies. A fire exercise where he can test the escape issues in order to gain knowledge and prepare how to be ready. An alarm exercise not to be taken by surprise, and created to avoid the situation of: Oh! We did not know! If we knew we would had taken an alternative action, and avoided this accident!

Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel / The Biennalist activates  the HQ format (pre art works  for Venice Biennale 2013 , with focus on climate change @Maldives Pavilion / Istanbul Biennale / COP 19 / next documenta / transmediale). Visit the Biennalist HQ.

The format artist Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel will have a developing project for the Maldives Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. You can follow its activity at